my little bugs!!!

um........ just another day in our word, with style!!!

I just LOVE this day!!! What a good Halloween it was.

hello dad!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

n We LOVE you SO much!!! We miss you very much. Dad thank you for all that you do for us. We cannot wait till Thanksgiving to see you!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just LOVE nap time!!!!!!!!!!

It staring to fill like fall. Dawslyn was getting ready 4 school and came out of her room looking like this. I gave her a look like what you doing....... MOM she said it fall outside and I just wont to fit in with the weather. okay........ Whatever Dawslyn I love you!!!

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First Grade
I just cannot be live that Dawslyn is in first grade. MAN....... how time gos so FAST!! The older she becomes the older I become. AND I know that I am not getting older. ha ha!!

um...... I think she made!!

After a long day of haying it was nice to have a good lunch and sit in the HOT sun.

just look at her sweet little face!! A day at the farm.